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If you are facing criminal charges, you may be asking yourself a number of very important questions: 
What should I do next?  Do I really need an attorney?  Can I go to jail?  Will my employer find out about this?  What about my driver’s license?

We have the answers.

At the law firm F. Clayton Tyler, P.A., we know how important your case is to you, and that’s why we make it important to us.
With more than 33 years of criminal law experience, we have the skills needed to handle your case.

"I got exactly what I needed in the scariest and most uncertain time in my life.”

- Niki, former client

You need an experienced team that knows the law and how the system works. We will tailor our representation to meet the specific facts of your case, your needs and your priorities, helping you move forward in these trying times.

We bring professional representation and expertise in all areas of criminal defense in federal and state courts.

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Our proven track record offers you
peace of mind when you need it most.

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